A New Foe Has Appeared

Howdy, friends. My name is James, and I’m gonna be helping Killian out on this project of his. He’s been psyched about rebooting the site and I was happy to help out. 

A little bit of background on me. I am a full-out geek; Star Wars, comic book heroes, video games, etc., I’m obsessed. I’ve always loved the idea of being able to express one’s thoughts, as long as you can back what you’re saying up, and that’s where the prospect of writing reviews comes in for me. Here, I can write about my experience watching something, share what I think about something, and discuss with anyone who decides to take the time out of their day to engage.

I’m no film major, but I love telling people what I think. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen my fair share of blockbusters, but simply put, I’m not super well-versed into the cinematic culture (and will never pretend to be) but that’s the beauty of the series of tubes we call the Internet. And I think that will present the site with a more balanced feel, as I will offer a more casual, relatable perspective for the plebs (such as myself) who don’t have the 3000 IQ required to understand the subtle nuances of The Cat in the Hat.

If you read anything written by me, you’ll catch on that I like to break the fourth wall a lot and throw in some references/jokes, and I think those two elements are very important to my writing style, after all, I am talking to you, the reader. I share my thoughts and you listen as though I’m the Messiah on a mount.

I kid, of course. Anything published here should be an opening to dialogue. If you wanna disagree with what I said, I invite that. I’ll respect what you have to say, and you respect what I have to say (unless, of course, you don’t agree that The Emoji Movie is the finest film ever to hit theaters, then all bets are off).

While from time to time, I will write about more current films as I see them in theater, the majority of my work will focus on semi-older movies and franchises, while Killian will handle the more relevant stuff. I also hope to add in some TV shows and Netflix originals, as well, as to keep a decent variety. 

My main segments will be Throwback Theater (Thursdays) and Franchise Friday. In TBTheater, I’ll be talking about semi-older films from the past couple years and sometimes even further out. Franchise Friday will, as the name implies, be a series where I focus on a film in a particular franchise and will more than likely go through the entirety of the franchise at some point. These two will alternate weekly, but sometimes you might get both depending upon how much free time I have that week.

Other shows that’ll pop around every now and again are TV Tuesday and Cinema Cynic. With TV Tuesday, I’ll talk about entire seasons of some shows, more than likely Netflix shows or shows just added to Netflix. Any shows that I feel like talking about, really. Cinema Cynic will be my segment where I focus on films that I see more recently in theaters, and per the nature of this, I can’t really schedule much in advance for it. 

I’m always down for suggestions and requests.

With all that technical nonsense aside, buckle up, rev your engine, and brace yourself, because around here, we don’t race no quarter mile.


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