Titans – Trailer Talk

This morning at about 8:30, I learned that DC would be releasing a trailer (the link can be found at the end of this article) for their upcoming series, Titans. This series is planned to serve as an Iron Man, of sorts, in that its purpose is to lead the audience forward into a universe of interconnecting shows.

Fans have been clamoring nonstop for years about their desire to have the original Teen Titans show rebooted. After being “awarded” with the disappointing series Teen Titans GO, fans had abandoned hope, this feeling would carry on into the announcement of Titans, which is a live-action adaption of our heroes.

The show was immediately given a faint chance of survival, as fans were once again teased with a show they long awaited seeing. Simply put, this idea was basically torn to shreds and forgotten about.

Until one day, when set photos were leaked, which proudly displayed some of the worst costume design and casting I’ve ever seen. (With the notable exception of Robin, whose costume is actually pretty great looking).

Set photo showing off Starfire (Anna Diop) in her costume.

Come 9:00 this morning, when the trailer dropped and I braced myself for the official reveal of the show. My first thought “disappointed, but not surprised.”

The trailer comes off as a desperate attempt to match Marvel’s The Defenders. From the first look into the show, it is clear that Titans will be a darkly-toned show, simply for the sake of being dark. In defense of the show, I have read no plot synopsis or any details about the show, but I cannot see how anything can end up being justified.

Based solely off the content, the costumes are asinine, the casting is OFF, and it came of as being dark and vulgar, simply for the sake of being rated MA.

Entertainingly enough, we are treated to a scene of Robin fighting some common alley thugs that shout “Where’s Batman?” only to have the snot kicked out of them and have an angsty Robin reply, “F**k Batman.”

Funny as it was, the comment seems completely out of character, but we’ll have to see if the plot finds a convincing enough way to explain this, as we clearly see Robin abandon the “no casualties” policy during the fight, as well. So he’s probably going through some daddy issues.

As a show that is supposed to convince me to purchase a subscription to the DC Universe streaming service (or even potentially drop Netflix) this trailer fails to generate that hype for me. Do I think this show will be the worst thing ever? No. Do I think it’ll be decent enough to skate by fairly harmless? Yeah, probably.

But I won’t be purchasing DC Universe, at least not until Young Justice comes out.

The trailer for Titans can be found by clicking on the image below:

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