SHAZAM! – Trailer Talk

So, in the midst of Comic-Con madness, we have been graced by a trailer for DC’s upcoming film, SHAZAM! and I have to be honest with you guys, I’m actually excited for this. The trailer can be found at the end of this article.

Captain Marvel has always been a hero that was near to my heart, and I was anticipating this film from the moment I heard The Rock was to be playing his arch-nemesis, Black Adam. And yes, you heard me right, “Shazam’s” real superhero name is Captain Marvel, but that will be changed in the film for obvious reasons.

If you want some background on the character or an explanation on the name debacle, I highly recommend this video by NerdSync:

Now onto the trailer itself. It starts off giving some background on Billy Batson, Shazam’s alter-ego, in a dark-ish fashion and I immediately felt like I was in for another DC brooding fest, but I was pleasantly caught off guard to see Jack Grazer, who is playing Billy’s sidekick, crack a joke about his living situation. This breaks away from the trend of DC movies of unadulterated darkness, and seems to bring a glimpse of optimism. That joking attitude didn’t stop there, either. This trailer was actually quite funny.
The choice of music was a bit random, but I’m no trailer-designing expert. I feel a nice upbeat instrumental would have done nice, as the Kendrick Lamar track didn’t really land with me (for this purpose, great song otherwise).

My number one complaint thus far has to be the costume for Shazam. It looks like he strapped a red table cloth on and found a lightning shaped Christmas decoration on his chest, but that issue hasn’t been exclusive to this film, most DCEU movies have had the same problem to some degree.

We still haven’t meet Black Adam yet, which I like. Trailers nowadays reveal way too much about the movie and its plot, often revealing most of the film’s impressive moments *cough* Ant-Man and the Wasp *cough* This trailer did enough to get me excited for the film, but didn’t blow its load. This is a good trailer.

Now to talk about the DCEU as a whole…

This cinematic universe has been nothing short of a disaster. From the divisive Batman v Superman to the almost universally hated Justice League, DC is only going to have a few more chances before Warner Bros. pulls the plug on the project as a whole. Personally, I think they just need to call it quits and come back in 6-8 years; enough time to distance itself from Marvel and come back strong. But that doesn’t appear to be happening.

DC’s current project is Aquaman, a movie no one wants to see about a hero no one cares about. This is also scheduled to come out the week of Christmas vacations, and I don’t think that anyone wants to spend their Christmas sitting inside a movie theater watching Aquaman talk to fish for 2 and half hours.

SHAZAM! does look promising though, and maybe this film will tone it down on the brooding and the CGI mustaches. But as we learned from Justice League, a trailer with comedy shot into it doesn’t guarantee a fun time when the actual movie comes around.
The only success DC has had was Wonder Woman, and with the sequel on the books in the approaching future, I’m sure the universe will survive long enough to reach that point, how much further afterwards? Who knows.

The sad truth is that a DC universe should be dominating the film war. These are some of the most iconic characters ever and the ball has been dropped into the road and run over so many times that we are at a point where the JUSTICE LEAGUE is out done by the GUARDIANS OF THE FREAKIN’ GALAXY. This is asinine.

I’m hopeful for SHAZAM!, and I haven’t been hopeful for a DC film in a while. Let’s see where it goes from here.

The trailer for SHAZAM! can be found by clicking on the image below:

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