Meet The Team

Hi there. Welcome to Reel Thoughts.

I’m Killian. I’m a college student/ geek with a lifelong love of things such as video games, comics, the occasional game of Yahtzee, and most of all: Movies. I’ve loved movies since I was old enough to watch frames move on a screen, and I’ve also held a passion for writing and creativity, always looking for new ways to express myself and my ideas, as well as work with others.

One night in early December of 2016, these stars aligned just right, my passions came together as one, and something greater was born…

…the blog, I mean. Not me. I’m like, 19.

Here at Reel Thoughts, I’m committed to bringing you weekly content on everything movies, including reviews, analyses, and much more. However, since I started this blog all that time ago, I’ve begun working with some pretty great people, and am not running this show alone anymore.

Without any further delay, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to the team here at Reel Thoughts:

Kayla Randolph, Chief Editor 

Kayla Randolph, Chief Editor, is an Emerson College student studying Publishing. When she’s not obsessively doing work, she enjoys reading and writing poetry, binge-watching Supernatural, listening to the same songs over and over again, and fretfully pondering life’s great mysteries.

Kayla, quite simply, is the reason anything gets done around here. Though she’s only joined the team recently, her undeniable positivity and insane work ethic not only motivate the rest of the team to do the best work possible, but also ensure that my endless ramblings sound as smart and professional as possible.

James Doherty, Contributor/Author

There’s supposed to be a bio for James here, but he still hasn’t gotten around to writing one. If you discover this page before he does, consider yourself a true Easter Egg hunter. When he writes one, I’ll write a few words about him too.